Prepare a planning application

If you need planning permission, you can use the Planning Portal's guide to application types to check what type of application you need to submit for the works that you want to do.

We can only assess and decide on planning applications that have all the information we need. When you prepare a planning application, you should make sure it has all the information we need, and that the information is accurate and correct. If any information is missing or is wrong, then we will make your application invalid. This slows down the planning process. You should check the validation checklist for your application type before you submit an application. 

Validation checklist for each application type

Select the application type you need from the list below to see a full list of the documents you need to submit. 

Planning permission

Conservation and Listed Building works

Other application types

Conditions and amendments

Submit your application

You can submit your planning application when you have all your documents ready. We recommend you do this on the Planning Portal website. You can also apply directly to us by email. See more information about how to submit your planning application to us.

Apply for planning permission via the Planning Portal

Get help to prepare your planning application

If you want help from a Planning Officer to prepare your application, use our pre-application advice service. View our planning FAQs and planning glossary for help understanding the planning process.

Page last updated: 09 July 2024


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