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Planning Performance Agreement service

A Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) is a project management framework agreed between us (the local planning authority) and a planning applicant. It is used for supporting a development proposal from pre-application stage through to decision. It can also be used to support the discharge of conditions and obligations post-decision. 

We already operate a successful PPA service for some of the largest development schemes in the borough. Having a PPA contract in place has helped these schemes to proceed successfully to implementation by making sure an agreed level of officer support was in place throughout the planning process, including case and senior officers and working to agreed timescales.

We are now extending the benefits of this service to major applications, and encourage developers of medium scale schemes to use our PPA service on a similar basis. 

This is a flexible service that we can adapt to your requirements, and to the complexity of your planned development and application. We will try to meet your requirements if given sufficient advance notice to resource this service.   

  • How does this service work?

    To begin the PPA service process, you should contact us via our Planning advice services to arrange an initial meeting. At the initial meeting, we will discuss if our PPA service would be appropriate for your application. 

    If we agree to prepare a PPA contract with you, then we will:

    1. Make an assessment of the resources required to support your application
    2. Agree the total charges, timescales, outcomes, and who is responsible for different tasks 
    3. Prepare a contract to be signed by both parties 
    4. Ensure all further meetings take place according to the agreed PPA contract, unless revised by agreement

    Example PPA contract templates

    You can read example templates of PPA contracts below: 

    What is the difference between the PPA service and a standard pre-application advice service? 

    The PPA service is different because instead of only covering the pre-application stage, it establishes an agreed structure for the entire application process through to decision. Using our PPA service enables you to agree a comprehensive plan with us for managing your full application at an early stage of the development. The initial meeting charges are based on our standard pre-application advice charges list, but the PPA charges are bespoke to your application. 

    Does using this service mean I will get approval for my planning application? 

    We cannot guarantee the outcome of any planning application. However, by using our PPA service, you will be making sure that you have the best chance of a positive conclusion by having a clear officer resource and commitment to your scheme.

  • How to apply and pay

    To begin the PPA service process, you should contact us via our pre-application advice service to arrange an initial meeting. 

    View the pre-application advice service charges list to check how much you'll need to pay to arrange an initial meeting with us.

    If you are paying from a company account, remember to provide the name and contact details of who we should respond to.

    Apply online

    Once we receive your application, we will send you a confirmation email which will include a link that you can use to pay online. Note that we do not take payments by phone. Payment can be made by debit or credit card. We don't accept Amex.

    We recommend that you apply by email. Remember to attach the pre-application form to your email.

    Download the pre-application form. (PDF, 322kb)

    Download the pre-application form as a Word document (docx, 328kb)

    Email us your application.

    What does my PPA service charge cover? 

    Our PPA charges are negotiated on a bespoke basis, and can also include attending additional meetings if required with the Greater London Authority (GLA), Transport for London (TfL), and Design Review Panels. We can also offer post decision agreements to sign off obligations and conditions.

    We might ask for the total PPA charge to be paid at the start of the process, or in instalments. We will agree on this with you and set out payment details in the PPA contract.

    Your PPA service charge includes: 

    • a planned, managed and responsive pre-application service that allows for negotiation on a proposal and submitted details
    • a structured project approach from pre-application to decision 
    • greater flexibility on timescales for decision, without the constraints of the statutory time requirement for conclusion 
    • a dedicated officer or constant single point of contact throughout the process

    What does my PPA service charge not cover?

    Your PPA service charge does not include:

    • the statutory planning application charge
    • any costs relating to viability
    • any legal costs
    • EIA review (if required)


Page last updated: 23 April 2024


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