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Planning advice service FAQs

I want to check if I need planning permission for works that I want to carry out - do I need to go through the pre-application advice process for this?

No. We offer a free online service to help you find out of you need planning permission.

The planning portal (external website) also provides more information on whether you need planning permission for certain work, including an interactive map (external website) to help you.

Do I need to use the pre-application advice service?

No. This is a discretionary service, which means you do not have to use it to be able to make a planning application. We recommend using the service so you can receive support and advice when preparing your planning application. If you use the pre-application advice service and later on want to amend your planning application, you will not need to pay any charges to do this.

When should I apply for pre-application advice?

If you plan to carry out works, you should apply for pre-application advice as soon as possible. Our advice will help you prepare the best possible planning application for the works you want to do. It will also give you confidence that your development will comply with our planning policies.

Am I guaranteed to be granted planning permission if I use the pre-application service?

No. Any planning advice given by our officers is offered in good faith and is based on the information or evidence you have provided. Sometimes this advice is offered without the benefit of a site visit or the involvement of other consultees, neighbours or other interested parties. The advice given in a pre-application meeting or written report is therefore not a formal decision of the local planning authority and is not legally binding. We will only be bound to a decision when this has been formally issued in writing in response to a full planning application. 

My planning application will not have a fee because the planned works are solely to provide access to a house for a disabled resident. Do I need to pay for pre-application advice to discuss these works? 

No. You will not need to pay for this service. You should ensure we know this when you submit your pre-application advice request to us.

How is the planning amendment service charge calculated?

When an amendment is going to take place to your planning application, your case officer will consider how long they expect it will take to process the changes. Your case officer will use this information to calculate the charges. There are different price caps based on the application type or scale of the development.

Page last updated: 23 April 2024


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