Planning advice services

We offer a pre-application advice service and a planning application amendment service. We charge for these services.

Check our fees list for specific pricing and read the review of pre-application fees for minor, householder, changes of use and listed building proposals, which were agreed in April 2022. 

Pre-application advice service

You can use our pre-application advice service before you apply for planning permission. You can use this service to discuss your project ideas with a planning officer, so that you can resolve any planning policy or design issues before you submit your application. This means that when you make your planning application, you're more likely to be granted planning permission.

Planning application amendments service

You must use our planning application amendment service  to make changes to your planning application after you've submitted it. This includes changes to the design of your project, and any updates to your supporting documents. 

Page last updated: 12 August 2022

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