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Planning application amendment service

We provide detailed guidance on how to prepare a valid planning application and offer a pre-application advice service. This information is available to help you prepare a valid planning application for a good quality development. If you carefully follow our guidance and the national guidance, your application will progress much more smoothly through the planning process.

When you make a change to your application after submitting it, this means that your case officer has to: 

  • re-assess your proposed development 
  • update their officer report 
  • manage new plans and documents 
  • carry out more internal and public consultation 

These changes mean that it takes longer to assess your application and to provide you with a decision. For this reason, we charge for changes made to a planning application after it has been submitted.

This charge does not apply to applications where the pre-application advice service was used. Note that a charge may still be applied if the pre-application service was used but the advice provided was not followed.

  • How does this service work?

    You can use this service if: 

    • you want to make a change to a planning application after you've submitted it

    • you have been told to make a change to your planning application by your case officer 

    What to do if you want to make an amendment

    You should contact your case officer to explain what changes you want to make to your application, and why you want to make these changes. Your case officer will consider the proposed changes and:

    • if your case officer considers that the proposed changes would not harm the likelihood of your application being granted planning permission, then they will explain what updated plans and documents you need to submit to support your planning amendment application; they will also send you an invoice and details on how to pay your charges

    • if your case officer thinks that the changes you want to make would harm the chances of your application being granted planning permission, then they will not accept your proposed amendment

    What to do if you've been told you need to make an amendment

    Your case officer might contact you to ask you to amend your application. They will explain what changes you should make to your application, and why they think the amendment is necessary. They will only suggest amendments to your application if they think it would be refused planning permission without the changes.

    You have the option to:

    • accept the suggested amendments, pay the charges and submit updated plans and documents to your case officer 

    • refuse the suggested amendments (and risk your application being refused planning permission)

    • withdraw your application 

  • What do you need to submit?

    You must include all the following information in your amendment request:

    • your name
    • your telephone number
    • your email contact
    • the application reference
    • a description of the proposed amendments
    • reasons for the proposed amendments 

    If you're making changes to the design of the development, then you will need to submit updated plans and drawings. You must clearly explain what changes you've made to your case officer. You might also need to submit updated supporting documents. 

    Note that if you want to change the floorspace of your development, then you will need to submit an updated CIL form. 

  • How long does the process take?

    Your case officer will discuss how much longer they think it will take them to assess your application based on the amendments you want to make. You can expect all amendment requests to add at least 14 days to the assessment time of your application.  

    Your case officer might need to reconsult neighbours and statutory consultees. This will add at least 21 days to the assessment time.  

    If you request a time extension to your application and this is accepted by your case officer, then you will be able to choose how much time is added to the assessment process. 

  • How to apply and pay

    Before you apply, you will need to discuss any amendments you want to make with your case officer. You can do this by email or by phone.

    If your case officer accepts your request, they will send you an email with a confirmation letter to confirm the required charges. 

    View the charges list to check how much you will need to pay when you request an amendment.

    Use our online form to make your payment

    Note that we do not take payments by phone. Payments can be made by debit or credit card, and we don't accept Amex. 

Page last updated: 23 April 2024


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