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Old Kent Road business engagement programme

Register to be part of the Old Kent Road Business Network

The Old Kent Road Area Action Plan (AAP) sets out a vision and strategy for the Old Kent Road area over the next 20 years. The area will see significant change, including at least 20,000 new homes; provision of a range of businesses and workspaces contributing to 10,000 additional jobs in the area; a revitalised high street; and new tube stations on the Bakerloo Line extension.

One of the main characteristics of the Old Kent Road area is the industrial land and retail parks which line the road itself and contain a wide variety of businesses. The AAP identifies the opportunity to transform industrial areas, retail parks and car parks along the Old Kent Road to mixed use neighbourhoods. This will mean more customers and better facilities for businesses and employees. By making efficient use of space, we can improve the area with new homes and jobs accompanied by new tube stations, high street retail and leisure opportunities.

Southwark is keen to work with all businesses in the area and ensure that our regeneration plans can help as many businesses as possible choose Southwark as a location for their business to grow. Over the next 20 years, the economic function of the Old Kent Road will evolve and the AAP aims to help manage this process, ensuring that new business space suits a range of occupiers and can coexist with residential development. Business space around the Old Kent Road has a key role in helping service central London’s economy and it's important that a range of workplaces are provided including offices and managed workspace, artists’ studios, light industrial and makerspaces as well as trade counters and shops.

There's a need to ensure a supply of spaces which are affordable, and the AAP requires that major developments will be required to deliver business space to support existing and new business start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises, including low cost or affordable workspace.

Not all businesses will be compatible with residential neighbours in new mixed use areas. However the AAP requires developments to accommodate existing businesses on site or in the Old Kent Road area or provide a relocation strategy for businesses that may be displaced. The council is exploring what support can be provided to businesses that may be displaced by development. The AAP also recognises the importance of good design to deliver meaningful new employment areas and new, flexible space that's suitable and affordable for a range of businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've listened to the concerns of businesses in the AAP process so far and we have provided some further information for businesses and developers in our Frequently Asked Questions document (PDF, 62kb).

A consultation workshop with businesses took place on 12 March 2018. Please see the presentation slides attached below:

We want to continue engaging with businesses and we'll be writing to all businesses in the opportunity area to ask them to participate in the Old Kent Road Business Network.

Businesses now part of the Old Kent Road Business Network are available to view (PDF, 304kb).

A summary of consultation responses received as part of the Business Network (PDF, 63kb). Further consultation and responses will be included in the Area Action Plan consultation.

Page last updated: 28 October 2022


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