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Development plan

More information

The statutory development plan for the borough consists of:

  • Southwark Plan (2022) and adopted policies map
    This is our new Local Plan and is the planning and regeneration strategy for Southwark.
  • London Plan (2021) (external website)
    The London Plan is a regional plan to shape the way London develops over the next 20-25 years. All Local Plans must be in general conformity with the London Plan. London Plan Guidance (external website) provides further guidance on how policies in the London Plan should be implemented.
  • Area Action Plans (AAPs)
    AAPs set out area-specific policies and masterplans for key regeneration areas within Southwark.
  • Neighbourhood Plans
    Neighbourhood planning was introduced under the Localism Act 2011 to give communities the power to shape the future development of their area. Local communities can write their own Neighbourhood Plans.

For more details, visit the relevant sections above.

Our development plan is also informed by national planning policies and guidance.

  1. National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (external website)
    The NPPF sets out the government’s planning policies for England. All other policy documents must align with this national framework.
  2. National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) (external website)
    Provides further policy guidance and context to the NPPF.

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