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Local sport and physical activities

Information on helping clubs to improve

If you’re a sports club or physical activity organisation in Southwark, check out our free support opportunities.

Active Southwark mark

This support is offered by Southwark Council to help grow and sustain local clubs and may cover one or all of the themes of Club development (including funding advice, workforce education, volunteering, business planning) depending on the clubs needs and objectives.

  • bronze is for clubs to reach a standard of good activity management and practice that the community can trust.
  • silver is for clubs and organisations that achieve Club Mark or equivalent standards. These are nationally recognised best practice standards and excellent community clubs.
  • gold is for clubs that have achieved silver and are widening their delivery model to support Southwark’s new physical activity strategy and wider community needs.

Community Sports Hours

The main objective of the scheme is to assist eligible clubs and organisations by granting access to free venue hire at the council’s leisure centres. The aim is to help new clubs to establish themselves without the initial financial burden of facility hire charges. Please note -clubs that have accessed this before, but want to develop new programmes with a different target group, can apply again.

Contact us for further information on any of the support schemes we offer.

Safeguarding policy and procedures

Southwark Council’s Sport and Physical Activity team is committed to promoting the health, development, safety and welfare of everyone with a particular focus on children, adults at risk, and families attending its activities and services. Please read through our safeguarding policies and procedures and email us if you have any further questions.

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Page last updated: 05 February 2024


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