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Local sport and physical activities

Family Park Discovery

Calling all children and families!

Dulwich Park

We've gathered many great things to discover that will liven up your next visit to a local park. When children learn about nature and the outdoors, they're more likely to grow into adults who value and protect the environment. So take one of our new Park Discovery checklists, pack a picnic and go explore!

What you’ll need

  • Park Discovery checklist
  • pen or pencil


  1. Print a “Park Discovery checklist” and take it to your local park.
  2. Complete a checklist as an individual or create teams to find all of the items.
  3. Time how long it takes to complete some or the entire sheet.
  4. Older children can extend their knowledge by researching what they find on the internet or in a library.


Take it further

We don’t want this hunt to be your only exploration of Southwark parks, so we've detailed how you can keep exploring the parks:

  • keep a nature notebook with written notes, photos, drawings, pressed flowers and other things you find
  • create a family “nature box” to collect objects you find
  • plan some time each week to do some physical activity in your local park
  • have your children devise their own scavenger hunt for the family

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Page last updated: 05 February 2024


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