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Outdoor sport facilities

Outdoor gyms

Regardless of your level of fitness, we encourage adults to use one of the many local outdoor gyms.

  • easy and safe to use equipment
  • suitable for lower levels of general fitness
  • free for everyone to use (unless stated otherwise)

See some handy videos on the TGO website on how to use our outdoor gym equipment.

Park venues

  • Bermondsey Spa Gardens gym is located next to the entrance on Alscot Road
  • Brimmington Park gym is located next to the fenced ball courts at the end of Clifton Crescent offers a comprehensive range of equipment
  • Burgess Park has three outdoors gyms at the following locations:
    • next to Albany Road between the junctions with Portland Street and Bradenham Close - two trails of gym equipment
    • near the junction of St Georges Way and Trafalgar Avenue - trail of equipment starts in the park's south east corner
    • near the part of New Church Road that's located inside the park - trail of equipment that starts in the south western area
  • Dulwich Park has a trail of gym equipment on either side of the path that runs between Roseberry Gate entrance and Queen Mary's Gate entrance
  • Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park gym is located next to the sports facility building
  • Mint Street Park can be reached from Southwark Bridge Road and Marshalsea Road; the outdoor gym is opposite the children's play area
  • Pearsons Park gym is located next to the children's playground
  • Peckham Rye Park gym was built in 2009, after the Young Friends of Peckham Rye Park received funding to follow the path leading from the entrance near the junction of Peckham Rye and Homestall Road, past the Adventure Playground and you'll find the gym next to the skate park
  • Pynners Playing Fields gym is located on the sports ground not freely accessible to the public - access is managed by the host sports club, Caribb Youth and Community Association
  • Southwark Park gym is located between China Hall Gates and the Cafe Gallery
  • Tabard Gardens gym is located near the playground and astro pitch off Tabard Street

Other community venues

  • Aylesbury Estate gym access from either Thurlow Street or Portland Street (near the junction of Inville Road and Beaconsfield Road)
  • Bethwin Road Adventure Playground gym is located inside the adventure playground available to young people who use the facility during opening hours Tuesday to Friday 3pm to 7pm (ages 5 to 16), Friday 5.15pm to 9pm (ages 11 to 19) Saturday 12pm - 5pm; holidays Monday to Friday, 12pm to 6pm
  • Crystal and Princess Courts gym access is from College Road (near the junction with Crystal Palace Parade)two pieces of gym equipment near Princess Court, next to the children’s playground
  • Denmark Hill Estate large gym is located on the roundabout at Basingdon Way
  • Dog Kennel Hill Adventure Playground gym is located within the Adventure Playground accessible during opening hours to children using the Adventure Playground
  • Durand's Wharf gym is located by the river at Durand's Wharf in Rotherhithe great views across the Thames
  • Haddon Hall Estate gym is located at Haddon Hall Estate on Potier Street, just off Great Dover Street
  • Kingswood Estate gym is located near Carmichael House, Kingswood Drive
  • Leyton Square gym is located near the playground and Astroturf pitch just off Peckham Park Road gym equipment was installed in Leyton Square in 2014, with support from the Well London Programme operating on Unwin and Friary Estate
  • Lordship Lane Estate gym is located behind Campbell Court - if you enter the estate from Dulwich Common, you'll find the gym on your left next to the Children's Play Centre
  • Nelson Square gym is located near the junction between Blackfriars Road and Union Street

If you'd like more information about any of our parks, visit parks and open spaces.

Page last updated: 06 December 2022

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