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Cherry Gardens

Bermondsey Wall East, SE16

A charming stone path meanders through shrubs and trees running alongside the edge of the Thames. In Stuart times, Rotherhithe was famous for its cherry trees.

Cumberland Wharf  

Rotherhithe Street, SE16

An attractive and secluded small park, adjacent to the Thames Path National Trail and the Jubilee Greenway.

Deal Porters Walk

Deal Porters Walk, SE16

Starting from Salter Road alongside Surrey Water and then weaving its way towards Canada Water, this is a pleasant tree-lined walkway with numerous grass verges and seating.

Durand's Wharf

Rotherhithe Street, SE16

On the far eastern edge of Rotherhithe next to the Thames, this park offers a wide tree-lined avenue and open grassland - a peaceful space for everyone to enjoy.

Holy Trinity Churchyard

Rotherhithe Street, SE16

A small churchyard and a quiet haven set in an ever-changing part of the London Docklands.

King Edward III Manor House 

Bermondsey Wall East, SE16.

An open piece of grassland featuring stone remains of the residence of a previous monarch, King Edward III reigned from 1327 and 1377.   

King George's Field

Lower Road, SE16.

A medium-sized park of open grassland and trees, this park can be used as a pleasant walk-through to and from Canada Water Station. 

King's Stairs Gardens

Jamaica Road, SE16

King's Stairs Gardens is a riverside park connecting with Jamaica Road. King Edward III used the stairs to access his manor house on Bermondsey Wall East.

Neptune Street Park   

Neptune Street, SE16

A dog-free environment, this small park provides a quiet area just moments from the busy Lower Road in Rotherhithe. Seating is provided. 

Pearson's Park  

Rotherhithe Street, SE16

This park has open green spaces and a large interactive children's play area.  

St Mary's Churchyard (Rotherhithe) 

St Marychurch Street, SE16

Around the corner from Southwark Park and King's Stairs Gardens, this is a small churchyard in a quiet and attractive area. There are several graves stones and a small children's play area.

St Mary's Churchyard Gardens (Rotherhithe)  

St Marychurch Street, SE16

Directly opposite St. Mary's Churchyard, this is a small pocket park with a circular walk around a central park area and ample seating.

Shuttleworth Park    

Southwark Park Road, SE16

A small space running alongside a busy street bustling with shoppers, the park has a children's playground.

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