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All Hallows' Churchyard

Pepper Street, SE1

Small churchyard maintained by local residents and enjoyed by local people and workers. The churchyard is also known as Copperfield Street Community Garden.

Cathedral Square

Montague Close, SE1

This small Square, formerly known as Hibernia Wharf and Montague Close, sits between Southwark Cathedral and the River Thames, offering views across the river and featuring stones from the old London Bridge.

Christchurch Gardens 

Blackfriars Road, SE1

The gardens surrounding the church have a small playground and a listed drinking fountain and offer a green haven for church-goers and office workers. The flower beds are managed by Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST) who organise regular gardening days for volunteers and Steering Group meetings for the Gardens. For more information, contact BOST.

David Copperfield Gardens 

New Kent Road, SE1

The Gardens were refurbished in 2007 to offer a landscaped area as a contrast to the busy New Kent Road which runs alongside.

Falmouth Park

Falmouth Road, SE1

Located at the New Kent Road end of Falmouth Road, this landscaped park has a multi use games area and a children's playground.

Guy Street Park

Guy Street, SE1

Guy Street Park, a small urban park near London Bridge, was refurbished in April 2003. Improvements include a playground for older children, a multi-use play area, a picnic area and a community garden.

Hankey Place Gardens

Pilgrimage Street, SE1

You can find rose buds and trees in these small gardens located on Manciple Street, just off Long Lane.

Leathermarket Gardens

Weston Street, SE1

Leathermarket Gardens contains open walking spaces and formal gardens. The name comes from the historic leather markets and tanneries nearby.

Little Dorrit Park

Borough High Street, SE1

The park has a children's play area in a landscaped setting. Dogs are allowed in the small peace garden which adjoins the play area. The flower beds are managed by Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST) who organise regular gardening days for volunteers and Steering Group meetings. For more information, contact BOST.

Long Lane Park   

Long Lane, SE1

A children's play area in a landscaped setting with mature trees situated between Long Lane and a residential area.

Marlborough Playground  

Union Street, SE1

Also known as Marlborough Sports Garden, this multi-use games playground offers a variety of sports facilities which can be booked. It's managed by Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST). For more information, contact BOST.

Mint Street Park

Mint Street, SE1

Situated in the space occupied previously by the Evelina Children's Hospital (1869 - 1976), Mint Street Park was developed as a local play space and venue for community events. The park includes an adventure play facility, multi-use games area and an outdoor gym. The flower beds are managed by Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST) who organise regular gardening days for volunteers and Steering Group meetings. For more information, contact BOST.

Nelson Square 

Nelson Square, SE1

Located amongst local houses just off Union Street, this park boasts a children's playground and a multi-use games area, as well as a small garden area and mature trees.

Newington Gardens 

Harper Road, SE15

Located just off the Newington Causeway, this park has two free multi-use, as well as two children's play areas in a landscaped setting with mature trees.

Paragon Gardens

New Kent Road, SE1

With mature trees and planted areas, the linear gardens provide a peaceful green haven away from the busy main road.

Potters Field Park

Tooley Street, SE1

Located on the south bank of the River Thames between City Hall and Tower Bridge, this park was reopened in April 2007 after a major refurbishment. The garden planting was designed by the internationally known plantsman Piet Ouldolf and the site is now managed by Potters Field Park Management Trust. For more information, see the Potters Fields website. 

Red Cross Garden

Red Cross Way, SE1

The restored gardens were reopened in 2006 by Princess Anne and are managed by Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST). In 2016, Red Cross Garden was awarded a Green Flag. It features a pond and the attractive borders provide a habitat for wildlife. A mosaic, created by local school children, depicts the original creation of the garden by Octavia Hill in the 19th century. For further information, contact BOST.

St George's Churchyard and Gardens   

Tabard Street, SE1

These small gardens are located just off Borough High Street with a churchyard opposite.

Salisbury Row Park  

Chatham Street, SE16

Set within a residential area, close to the Bricklayers Arms interchange where New Kent Road and Old Kent Road merge, this park has a nature area and children's playground. It has a variety of planted areas and trees and has held a Green Flag since 2015. The park benefits from an active Friends group who organise community planting days and manages the nature area and adjacent community orchards.

The Darwin Community Centre and a multi-use games court are next to the park.

West Square Gardens

West Square, SE11

The tranquil gardens are located in a small square in a quiet residential area near Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park. The gardens feature rose beds and mature trees, including venerable Mulberry trees.

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