Educational psychology

Consent and records

All schools and early years centres referred to as 'settings', are linked to an educational psychologist who visits on a regular basis. These settings consult with us on issues. Our main point of contact is the setting's senior manager or special educational needs coordinator.

Consenting to and accessing the service

If the setting wishes to discuss a child with us, then they'll need to seek written permission from a parent or carer. This includes consent to share information with other professionals who may be able to help.

We believe that partnership with parents is extremely important. We support this by meeting parents, discussing the child's needs and involving you at all times.

Records and reports

The educational psychologist will keep a file for the work they do with the child, as agreed with the parents or carers. Copies of reports are provided for the parents and school staff. If the council requires a statutory (legal) report, the school or early years centre and parents receive a copy at the same time.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, these details aren't used for any other purpose, except where a child may be in danger.

For more information about data protection and the records of the education service, visit the school records page.

Page last updated: 12 November 2019


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