Educational psychology

Critical incident and community support

Educational psychologists are also occasionally called on to support schools and other educational settings following a wide range of tragic events or trauma. This can include deaths of adults or children.

A rapid response

The effects of such events can have profound and long lasting effects on both adults and children. We can provide an immediate response and appropriate psychological support for the school or educational setting as well as the wider community, which can be extremely valuable.

In the long term, it's healthier for a setting to achieve strength and unity during a crisis and that our input, especially in the early stages, supports staff in achieving this.

Support we provide

Our response involves assisting with:

  • community response by the school or setting
  • the identification of immediate and longer term needs of the school or setting and its individuals
  • specific advice to staff on how to support children following the event
  • helping staff cope better
  • both individual and group support for pupils (eg through time limited psychological support)
  • advice to parents on how to support their children at home
  • liaising with other agencies to ensure the full range of support and advice is available to benefit the setting
  • service training on bereavement and a setting's planned response to a traumatic event

Page last updated: 12 November 2019


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