Educational psychology

When we get involved

School-age children

EPs work in accordance with the national special educational needs code of practice. This can involve working with children who have high levels of special educational needs and also providing consultation advice regarding children with less severe needs.  When a child doesn't respond well to initial attempts by their school to meet their special educational needs, we may get involved. You may hear this referred to as 'school action plus', which means the school's special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) requests extra help from us or another agency such as a speech and language therapist or health or social care professional.

We work initially with those planning and putting into action the child's individual education plan. If this requires working individually with the child, we'll agree the reason for this and the way we get involved with all concerned.

Pre-school children

Every maintained school or children's centre in Southwark has an allocated educational psychologist. Also, all children under the age of five in private and voluntary educational settings can access psychological services via ICSS.

Children 'looked after'

Educational psychologists also work with those focused on the educational needs of children who are looked after (sometimes known as 'in the care' of a council). This can include children who are in foster care.

Page last updated: 12 November 2019


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