Environment and sustainability

To view environment-related evidence specific to Old Kent Road (OKR), visit the OKR page

This chapter displays evidence related to open space and biodiversity. To view evidence related to other specific environmental topics, visit the remaining chapters of this section.

Open space and biodiversity

Southwark Sites of Interest for Nature Conservation Review

The Southwark Sites of Interest for Nature Conservation Review (2016) [SP604] (PDF, 1.8mb) and its appendices (PDF, 58mb) support our policies on open and green spaces and sites of importance for nature conservation (SINCs) in the Southwark Plan (2022).

Southwark Open Space Strategy 

The Open Space Strategy

  • sets out a vision and objectives for the borough
  • identifies key needs and priorities for the different types of open space
  • sets standards for each type of open space
  • highlights the key priorities for investment and improvement

The strategy is accompanied by an evidence base document, which sets out how the strategy has been developed based on the local needs and existing provision of open space in Southwark. You can view the documents below: 

Biodiversity Action Plan 

The Biodiversity Action Plan sets out how the council will work with partners to maximise and protect the biodiversity and ecology of the borough’s open and green spaces. You can download the plan and its evidence base document below: 

Southwark Parks and Recreation Strategy 

The Draft Parks and Recreation Strategy – Linear Park Guidelines (2020) [EIP163] (PDF, 11.5mb) provides master planning and design guidance for Bianca Road and Frensham Street. These linear parks will form parts of the Greener Belt, which link open spaces from Burgess Park to Canada Water, and provide space for nature, leisure and relaxation. 

Southwark Playing Pitch Strategy 

The Southwark Playing Pitch Strategy (2016)

  • provides a detailed supply and demand analysis for playing pitches (grass and artificial) in Southwark
  • includes an action plan, which guides the delivery of sports provision and facility decisions up to 2026, to facilitate the development of sport and physical activity in the borough

You can download the strategy and its appendices below: 

Tree Management Strategy 

The Tree Management Strategy (2013) (PDF, 900kb)

  • supports the current tree contract.
  • sets out how we'll deliver an excellent integrated tree service in the borough

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