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Southwark Plan 2022

The Southwark Plan (2022) is our Local Plan. It was adopted by the Council Assembly on 23 February 2022. It sets out the vision, strategic objectives and policies for development in Southwark for the period 2019 to 2036, and includes:

  • the regeneration strategy for the borough 
  • policies that are used to guide decisions on planning applications 
  • key development sites with land use and urban design requirements 
  • visions for each of the borough’s neighbourhoods 

You can view all the adopted plan documents below:

The Southwark Plan (2022) is supported by several supporting documents. They provide a robust evidence base for the proposed policy and ensure that plans meet relevant equalities and sustainability criteria. These include:

The Southwark Plan replaces older development plans: 

  • Core Strategy (2011) 
  • Saved Southwark Plan (2007) 
  • Canada Water Area Action Plan (2015) 
  • Peckham and Nunhead Area Action Plan (2014) 
  • Aylesbury Area Action Plan (2010) 

You can still look at these documents on the historic plans and guidance page

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