Southwark Plan 2022

How and when was the Southwark Plan adopted?

The Southwark Plan was examined by an independent planning inspector and in public. Recordings of public hearing sessions are available to watch on our YouTube channel. The Inspector issued his final Inspector's Report and the final Inspector's modifications on 17 November 2021. The Inspector found the Southwark Plan to be sound and legally compliant, subject to incorporating the main modifications set out in his report. We made all main modifications to the Plan as recommended by the Inspector, as well as all additional modifications.

On 7 December 2021, the Cabinet agreed the Southwark Plan (2022) for adoption by Council Assembly. 

On 23 February 2022, Council Assembly voted to officially adopt the Southwark Plan (2022). 

You can email us to request a PDF copy of:

  • the Inspector modifications
  • previous versions of the Southwark Plan
  • our response to consultee comments at different stages of the plan process

Page last updated: 16 April 2024


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