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Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood planning was introduced under the Localism Act to give local people more of a hands-on role in the planning of their neighbourhoods. It's a process led by the community and supported by the council.

Neighbourhood planning can be pursued in three different ways:

  • Neighbourhood Plan - a plan that sets out policies for new development in the neighbourhood; plans must be positive and encourage sustainable development
  • Neighbourhood Development Order (NDO) - an NDO means that certain types of development can take place in an area without the need to apply for planning permission
  • Community Right to Build Order - similar to an NDO, but this gives residents within the neighbourhood the power to actually undertake certain development without the need to apply for planning permission

Neighbourhood planning should seek to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of an area. It cannot be used to block development that is needed across the borough. Policies in neighbourhood plans must be in general conformity with the borough's existing strategic policies.

The table below shows the progress of neighbourhood planning in various areas within the borough. Currently we have an adopted neighbourhood plan for Southbank and Waterloo. You can view the details in Chapter 3 of this section.



Southbank and Waterloo 

Neighbourhood plan adopted. 


Neighbourhood forum designation has expired.  


Neighbourhood forum designation has expired. 


Neighbourhood forum designation has expired. 

Herne Hill 

Neighbourhood area is designated without a forum designation. 

Sydenham Hill Ridge 

Neighbourhood area and forum are designated. 

Page last updated: 28 March 2024


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