Planning FAQs

Amending your application

Can I amend my application after submission?

Usually, yes. You can use our planning amendment service to do this. 

Will making an amendment change the timescale for getting my decision?

Usually, yes. If you change your application, we might do more consultations which can add several weeks to the timescale. We will discuss any time extensions with you. 

What happens if my case officer wants me to amend my application?

There are several reasons why we may recommend an amendment to your proposal, such as:

  • improving your likelihood of approval
  • improving the quality of your development
  • improving the value or benefit to the applicant of the development
  • preventing you from having to start a new application from scratch

You're not required to make amendments we suggest, but you will be less likely to get planning permission if you don't. 

I want to withdraw my application. Will I receive a refund?

Refunds are not offered once an application has been made valid, but the applicant is able to submit an amended application for the same site within 12 months with no fee. See more information about planning application fees.

Page last updated: 21 November 2023


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