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Planning application fees

Planning application fees

You need to pay a fee for most planning applications. You can view a full list of application types and fees in the Planning Portal guide to the fees for planning applications in England

The easiest way to make an application is on the Planning Portal. You will be shown how much you need to pay, and pay your fee by card before you submit your application.  

If you apply to us for planning permission by email or by post, then you can pay using our online payment form. Note that there is an extra £100 charge for applications made by post. This is because of the time and resources needed to handle, scan and store your paper documents.

Fast track service

We offer a service to deliver faster decisions on householder and minor applications. You will be guaranteed a decision from us within 5 working days of the end of the 21 day consultation period. This is a paid for service which you can use to enter into a planning performance agreement with us. The charges for this service are in the table below.

Application type

Charge per application

Householder (prior approval)


Householder (planning permission)


Minor commercial alterations


Invalid planning application charges

From 1 April 2024, we will apply an extra administrative charge for applications that are invalid on submission. If your application is invalid when you submit it to us, then you will need to pay this charge before we begin to process it.

The invalid administrative charging rates are shown in the table below.

Application type Invalid administration charge (per application)
Major development £200
Minor commercial, residential, or mixed development (including changes of use) £120
All other application types (including householder development) £60

Why we are introducing this charge

We're introducing this charge because we receive a high number of invalid planning applications. 

It is the responsibility of an applicant (or their planning agent) to make sure all details are accurate and correct before they submit a planning application. We provide all the information you need to prepare a valid planning application in our online validation checklist. We also offer a pre-application service for applicants who need planning advice. We expect all applications to be valid on submission, and we are only responsible for assessing and making a decision on planning applications. 

When we receive an invalid planning application, we have to identify any information that is missing or is wrong and tell the applicant what they need to do to make the application valid. This is an avoidable and time-consuming process which creates a cost at the expense of the local council taxpayer. It is not appropriate for the local council taxpayer to subsidise the private interests of an applicant. For this reason, an administration charge under section 93 of the Local Government Act 2003 has been put in place for cost recovery purposes and not for generating a profit. There are no legal implications to this decision.

This invalid administration charge was adopted by the Council’s Cabinet on 6 February 2024. It will be a validation requirement for all planning applications submitted from 1 April 2024.

For linked applications, the invalid administrative charge will only be applied to the invalid primary application. 

Page last updated: 12 April 2024


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