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Planning application types and fees

The government sets all planning application fees. It's important to make sure you know what you need to pay, because we cannot process your application unless you've paid the right fee.

If you find anything on this webpage hard to understand, view our planning glossary and planning FAQs for help.

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How to pay your fee 

The easiest way to make an application is on the Planning Portal (external website). You will pay your fee by card when you submit the application.  

If you apply to us by email or post, you will need to make sure you pay your fee at the same time to avoid processing delays. 

Pay application fee

Application types and fee 

The most common application types are included in the table below. You can view a full list of application types and fees on the Planning Portal guide to the fees for planning applications in England (external download).  

There is no fee for Listed Building Consent applications.

View a list of fees for our pre-application advice service and planning application amendment service

Application type 

What this includes 


Residential development


Alterations and extensions to a single home, including works with the boundary



Alterations and extensions to two or more homes or flats 



Creation of 50 or fewer new homes

£462 for each home


Creation of more than 50 new homes

£22,859 flat fee plus £138 for each new home

Non-residential development


Up to 40sqm increase in gross floor space



Between 41sqm and 75sqm increase in gross floor space


Minor (up to 1,000sqm)

Major (over 1,000sqm)

Between 76sqm and 3,750sqm increase in gross floor space

£462 for each 75sqm


More than 3,750sqm increase in gross floor space

£22,859 base rate, plus £138 for each additional 75sqm with a maximum fee of £300,000


Advertisement consent 

Relating to a business on the premises 


Advertisement consent 

Advance signs which are not situated on or visible from the site, directing the public to a business 


Advertisement consent 

Other advertisements 


Lawful Development Certificates 

Lawful development certificate  

Householder works


Lawful development certificate 

Proposed use or operation

Half the normal fee for the development type

Lawful development certificate 

 Existing use or operation

Same as full fee for the development type


Lawful development certificate 

Existing use of operation – lawful not to comply with any condition or limitation 


Non-material amendments  


Non-material amendment to a householder application following grant of planning permission 



Any other non-material amendment to an application following grant of planning permission 


Planning conditions 

All application types 

Removal or variation of a condition following grant of planning permission (including material amendments)



Discharge of a planning condition 


All other application types (not including householder) 

Discharge of a planning condition 


Reserved matters 

Outline approval 

Approval of reserved matters following outline approval 

Full fee due or if full fee already paid then £462 due 

Prior approval 

Prior approval 

Fee rate includes: 

  • larger home extensions

  • additional storeys on a home

  • demolition of buildings

  • changes of use from Class E, or Betting Office or Pay Day Loan Shop, to mixed use including up to two flats

  • change of use of a building and land from Classes E, C1, C2, or C2A to a State Funded School

  • development consisting of the erection or construction of a collection facility within the curtilage of a shop

  • installation, alteration or replacement of other Solar Photovoltaics (PV), on the roofs of non-domestic buildings, up to a capacity of 1 megawatt


Prior approval 

Fee rate includes:

  • change of Use of Agricultural Building to a Dwellinghouse (Use Class C3)

  • change of Use of a building from retail or a mixed Retail and residential Use, to a use falling within Use Class C3 (Dwellinghouse)

  • change of Use from Amusement Arcades/Centres and Casinos, (Sui Generis Uses) and any land within its curtilage to Dwellinghouses (Use Class C3)

  • change of Use from Shops (Use Class A1), Financial and Professional Services (Use Class A2), Betting Offices, Pay Day Loan Shops and Casinos (Sui Generis Uses) to Restaurants and CafeĢs (Use Class A3)

£206 if it includes building operations in connection with the change of use

Prior approval

Communications (previously referred to as ‘Telecommunications Code Systems Operators’)


Prior approval

Change of use of a building and any land within its curtilage from Commercial/Business/Service (Use Class E) to dwellinghouses (Use Class C3)

£100 for each home

Prior approval

Construction of new homes

£334 per home (up to 50 homes)

£16,525 plus £100 for each homes (more than 50 homes)

Page last updated: 02 February 2023


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