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MSHO performance

Our aim is to improve leaseholder satisfaction by delivering high standards in performance and customer service. In order to achieve this, our performance is measured against a number of key performance indicators.

MSHO Contact Centre

  • in February, we received a total of 2008 calls in our dedicated homeowners contact centre
  • we answered 98% of these calls, with 95% answered within two minutes
  • our target is to answer 70% of calls within two minutes

MSHO Advocacy Service

  • 30 cases were referred to the advocacy team in February
  • 100% of our investigations in February were closed within the agreed timescale
  • 100% of our customers who gave us feedback said they were satisfied with the outcome of their investigation
  • 100% of our customers who gave us feedback agreed that our investigations were impartial

Right to Buy

  • we received 23 new Right to Buy applications for the month of February; currently, we have 411 live applications
  • 100% of applications were admitted or denied within statutory timescales
  • we sent out 100% of offer notices (Section 125 notices) within the statutory time scale

Page last updated: 09 March 2023

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