Services for homeowners

Advocacy services

We provide a support service for homeowners with unresolved issues and are completely independent. We can help find solutions by carrying out independent investigations on behalf of homeowners. We will provide you with progress updates throughout an investigation we carry out on your behalf and ensure you are listened to.

You can visit us at 11 Market Place, Bermondsey, SE16 3UQ. You can contact us and find out more by emailing or by telephoning 020 7525 7065.

Contact Centre services

We have a small Customer Service Contact Centre team that deal exclusively with homeowner repairs. The team are trained on leaseholder matters and can advise you regarding repairs to your home and what is your responsibility and what is Southwark Council's responsibility to do as your landlord.

If the team are unable to resolve repair issues or where blockages are identified, they will refer to the Advocacy Service to see whether the issue is suitable for an advocacy investigation. You can contact the team on our repairs free contact number 0800 952 4444.

Sales and Acquisitions services

The Sales and Acquisitions Team is made up of three specialist teams:

Specialist Home Purchase Team

The team provide services to shared owners, leaseholders rehousing options and council tenants looking for financial assistance to buy a home.

Social Home buy/Shared Ownership

Shared ownership is an opportunity for a tenant to part buy and part rent a property usually in shares of 25%, 50% or 75% and then over time they can further shares until they own 100% and become an outright leaseholder. Our role is to work with people who are interested in shared ownership and support them through the process. We also collect the rent and service charges for shared ownership customers.


The team provide  support to leaseholders who live on estates that are undergoing redevelopment and need to be rehoused. Our officers provide support and guidance every step helping leaseholders decide what options are best for them. They're also able to help council experiencing severe financial circumstances such as mortgage repossession through our financial hardship buy back scheme. Based on a financial assessment, the council can pay up to 40% of the valuation of your home to help you pay off all outstanding debts then allow you to remain in your home as a secure tenant.

Home Purchase Grant Scheme

A Home Purchase Grant is for council tenants who would like to buy a property on the open market. We can help by providing financial assistance in the form of a grant which helps towards the purchase and when you are ready to buy you give back your council property to us.

Due to the popularity of the home purchase grant scheme and limited budget, we can no longer accept new applications at present. We will update this webpage when we are able to accept new applications.

To find out more information on any of the above, email

Right to Buy services

This team help Southwark council’s secure tenants on their journey to becoming homeowners and deal with all applications under the right to buy scheme from start when an application is submitted through to dealing with solicitors until you have purchased your home.

To find our more information on buying your home if you're a secure tenants, email

Residential Conveyancing and Compliance services

The team support leaseholders and process applications for:

  • lease extensions where a leaseholder needs to extend the terms of their lease
  • leaseholders who  are interested in buying the freehold from Southwark Council so they become the owners/freeholders of the building their flats are situated in this is often known as enfranchisement
  • leaseholders or members of the public are interested in buying an asset from the council such as a loft space, empty laundry room or small piece of land
  • leaseholders who want to make changes to their flat that require our permission as the landlord; in this situation it's really important you contact us first as leaseholders often contact building control or planning and they get approval and go ahead with works, only to find further down the line it's a breach of their lease and we have to ask them to change something back to its original condition

We also provide deed of covenants for freehold transfers and specialist conveyancing advice to both leaseholders and internal services.

To find out more information on any of the above, email

Service Development Team

The Service Development Team provide support to the MySouthwark Homeowners and are responsible for scoping and delivering projects that improve the services we offer for homeowners. They also process financial transactions, collate statistics and provide administrative and performance reporting support.

Page last updated: 20 January 2020