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Ways to reduce your bill

Council Tax discounts and exemptions are available in some cases depending on the type of property or who lives in it. If you’re on a low income, you may qualify for Council Tax Reduction.

You can get extra help to pay your bill if you’re on a low income

You may qualify for Council Tax Reduction if your household is on a low income or you claim benefits.

More information on Council Tax Reduction.

You could get a Council Tax discount if:

You could get a discount if you or anyone in your home has a disability

You can apply for a band reduction if your home is adapted for a disabled person.

More information on disabled person discounts.

Some unoccupied properties are exempt from Council Tax

This means you don't have to pay Council Tax.

Find out more about exemptions for empty properties.

Some properties are exempt from Council Tax even when people are living there

This means you don't have to pay Council Tax. This depends on who lives in the property.

Find out more about exemptions for occupied properties.

If you’re a student

If you’re a student or there’s a student living in your home, you could get a Council Tax discount or exemption.

Find out more about student discounts and exemptions.

Discretionary relief

We can reduce your bill if paying your Council Tax would put you into extreme financial hardship. To find out more, download our discretionary relief policy (PDF, 272kb)..

You must continue to make your payments

While you’re waiting for the outcome of your application, you must continue to pay Council Tax in line with your current bill. If we award a discount, exemption or reduction we'll issue another bill and new payment instructions. This will take account of any payments you've already made.

Page last updated: 01 April 2022


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