Single person discounts

You can get 25% off your bill if you live on your own.

Apply for a Council Tax single person discount 

You may still get a discount if you live with people we don't count for Council Tax, these include:

  • children under 18
  • people over 18 that have child benefit paid for them
  • foreign language assistants
  • people who are severely mentally impaired
  • patients who live in a hospital, residential care home or nursing home
  • care workers
  • carers for someone they live with
  • members of a religious community
  • members of international headquarters, defence organisations and visiting forces
  • residents of hostels or night shelters
  • people who are detained in prison or under the Mental Health Acts
  • school or college leavers
  • full time students or their non-British spouses who are prevented from taking paid employment or claiming benefits
  • student nurses
  • apprentices who are paid under £195 a week and are studying towards a qualification accredited by the National Council for Vocational Qualifications (eg City & Guilds)
  • people under 25 who are training under the Youth Training Scheme
  • diplomats and their spouses, if not British

A single person discount will stay on your account for as long as you live on your own. 

Page last updated: 06 February 2019