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The UK General Election is on 4 July.
You need valid photo ID to vote in person. Check your ID now.
If you don’t have valid ID, apply by 5pm on 26 June for a Voter Authority Certificate.  
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Disabled person discounts

You may get a reduction in your Council Tax band if you or anyone in your home has a disability. This is known as a disabled band reduction.

We’ll reduce your Council Tax band to the next lowest band if:

  • you have an extra bathroom, kitchen or other room that you need for that person; or
  • you have extra space inside the property for using a wheelchair

If you live in a Band A property (the lowest band), we’ll reduce your bill by one sixth.

The scheme applies to all types of properties, including care homes and hostels.

The property must be the main home of at least one person with a disability.  This can be an adult or a child.  It doesn't have to be the person responsible for paying Council Tax.

Apply for a disabled band reduction

You can apply if you’re the person named on the Council Tax bill, or if you can't complete this yourself you can ask someone to complete it for you (eg a friend, social worker) or you can contact our Local Support Team.

Apply for Council Tax disabled band reduction 

How we deal with your application

  1. If you're eligible for a reduction we'll arrange to visit your property
  2. After the visit, we'll write to you with our decision
  3. If we refuse your application and you disagree with our reasons, you can challenge our decision

You must continue to make your payments

While you’re waiting for us to deal with your application or challenge you must carry on paying Council Tax in line with your current bill.  If we award a reduction we'll issue a new bill and new payment instructions.  This will take account of any payments you've already made.

Page last updated: 04 October 2021


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