Garden waste collection subscriptions

Since 1 June 2019, we have provided garden waste collections as an optional service to properties with gardens for a small charge. The charge is currently £25 for this service. All subscriptions made from 1 June 2019 end on 31 March 2020. The charge for this service is assessed annually and new subscriptions can be made on annually on 1 April for the next years subscription to the service. The garden waste service gives you a weekly collection of a 240 litre brown garden waste bin.

Since June 2019 you can't use your garden waste bin for any food waste, but you can still receive a free separate collection of food waste if you are eligible.

You can use your garden waste bin for:

  • grass cuttings, leaves, flowers
  • plants, twigs and branches (no more than 10cm diameter)

You can’t use your garden waste bin for:

  • food waste
  • fencing or other waste wood
  • soil, rubble, stones or gravel
  • non compostable materials, including plastic bags, flower pots or trays

You can still compost your garden waste at home, and residents of Southwark can still bring garden waste to our household waste recycling and reuse centre.

If your home has a garden, you'll be eligible for the new service.

Subscribe to the Garden Waste Subscription Service

Page last updated: 10 December 2019