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Our summer term enrolment is now open – enhance your well-being and rediscover learning with our great range of programmes, grab the chance to revisit a hobby or learn a brand new skill with many leading to qualifications.

Our courses are now, mainly onsite at Thomas Calton Centre, with some limited online options.


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As the safety of learners, visitors and staff remain our priority. We will still take the following safety precautions/protections:

The safety of learners, visitors and staff remain our priority, so we will still take safety precautions and protections. Visit our keeping you safe during COVID-19 webpage for more information.

Please note that the situation may change, at short notice, according to further public health guidance.

Thomas Carlton Centre

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Thomas Calton Centre
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Courses are delivered from the Thomas Calton Centre, online or meeting offsite.

How to enrol

Please check the relevant course entries section to see whether you need to attend an assessment session for your chosen course.

We ask that you enrol online rather than visit the centre in person. This will ensure that visitor numbers are, as far as possible, controlled and social distancing can be maintained and not overcrowd our reception area.

Enrolment is subject to eligibility, space and course viability.  

You can enrol on only one course per academic year. Exceptions to this may only be permitted within accredited courses.

To secure your place on any chosen course you will have to provide evidence of your eligibility (see below for full details) and pay any fees applicable at that time. Places will not be reserved without payment.

Please check our course information to see if you need to attend an assessment for your chosen course.

Am I eligible to learn with Southwark Adult Learning Service (SALS)

Learners need to be aged 19 years or older on 31 August 2021, and have a National Insurance number, unless they are attending a family learning session with a parent.

In order to enrol on a SALS course, we must satisfy the requirements of the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)/Greater London Authority (GLA) that you are entitled to participate in one of our courses. You may be asked to provide suitable evidence to support your entitlement. If we have previously seen such evidence (within the academic year) you will not normally be asked to provide it again. Types of evidence may include passports, national identity cards, application registration card (ARC), Home Office confirmation, and in exceptional circumstances a photo driving licence.

We may also require proof of residential address in certain circumstances.

Evidence for eligibility

UK/EU citizen

  • your passport showing indefinite leave to enter or remain, or other immigration permission, and proof of benefit eligibility

Non-UK/EU citizen

  • your passport showing indefinite leave to remain, and proof of benefit eligibility

Asylum seekers (and those whose applications have been turned down but are unable to return home)

  • letter with your Home Office reference number, proof of benefit or proof of permission to work
  • an application registration card (ARC)
  • confirmation from the Home Office of Section 4 support within three months of the issue date


  • either proof of benefit and travel document, or passport

What to bring to enrol, or for a skills consultation

Bring along the relevant documents listed above.


Fees for each course are shown on our course information pages.

Course, exam and materials fees are due on enrolment. The standard fee for learners not receiving an active/means tested benefit is £5 per hour. Concessionary fees for learners on a means-tested benefit are £2.50 per hour. All students (except those on basic skills and family learning classes) pay an annual non-refundable registration fee of £5.

National fee guidelines

The ESFA/GLA funding approach assumes that all students (excluding fully funded learners) are charged a tuition fee as a contribution towards the costs of their learning. The ESFA/GLA also recommends that accreditation costs are paid by the learner.

Additional expenses

Some of our courses may incur other expenses in addition to your course fees, for example, clay for pottery, wood for woodwork or common materials in upholstery and sewing classes. Please do not purchase anything before your first session unless requested to do so on your course information sheet or tutor. No liability can be accepted for expenses incurred for a course cancelled/altered at short notice.

How to pay

You can only pay by debit or credit card.

Instalment payments

Fees are normally payable in full prior to the start of the course. If your course is 20 weeks or longer you can pay in instalments. You will need to complete a payment options form to qualify for instalment payments. Exam fees and materials fees must be paid on enrolment.

Non-payment of fees

Until all outstanding fees and any other outstanding monies relating to studies have been paid, students with outstanding debts at the end of the academic year or from the previous academic year will:

  • not be permitted to re-enrol
  • not be issued with certificates
  • not be issued with any academic references

No cost to learner (full fee remission)

For 2021/22 the following groups of learners are eligible for full fee remission. This means these learners will be fully subsidised by the ESFA/GLA and will not have to pay any fees for some courses:

  • those studying basic skills literacy and numeracy courses, and family learning programmes
  • those in receipt of active or unemployment benefits will not have to pay any fees to study ESOL, vocational qualification courses, full level 2 qualification courses or other level 3 courses
  • learners who are not on active or unemployment benefits, who are aged 19 to 23 and are studying vocational qualification courses or their first full level 2 qualification course (excluding ESOL) will not have to pay any fees for those courses
  • learners in employment earning less than £21,157,50 annual gross salary (subject to GLA terms and conditions)

Concessionary fees

People receiving the following benefits are eligible for a concessionary rate:

  • Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Employment and Support Allowance in the Work Related Activity Group (ESA WRAG)
  • Universal Credit (UC) (subject to ESFA/GLA terms and conditions)
  • or any other means tested benefits (proof will need to be shown)

Retired learners - whose only source of income is the state pension, are eligible for a concessionary fee if they are also receiving one of the benefits listed above. Please bring proof of benefit or entitlement with you when you enrol. We cannot accept Freedom travel passes as proof of eligibility.

Discretionary Learner Support Fund

The Discretionary Learner Support Fund is used to assist learners in exceptional financial circumstances on courses with accreditation.

Further information is available by calling 020 7358 2100 or emailing

Page last updated: 16 March 2022

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