Terms and conditions


Southwark Council reserves the right to change or amend, at any time, any of the course details including content, dates, times, venues, fees payable, concessions available, terms or conditions. The Southwark adult learning service (SALS) reserves the right to close or not to start any published course without prior notice


On signing the student declaration and learning agreement on the enrolment form, you have agreed to attend regularly and arrive punctually to class. If you fail to attend for three consecutive classes, Southwark Adult Learning Service (SALS) are required to withdraw you from the course. In order to fully achieve your course, you must attend for at least 80% of the possible sessions. If your course is accredited and you fail to attend for 80% of the sessions, you may not be entered for the examination.

Code of conduct

SALS reserves the right to exclude any learners on the grounds of unacceptable behaviour.

Course changes

The information in this prospectus is, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of going to press. SALS reserves the right not to start, to close or to amalgamate courses which are non-viable, which have insufficient enrolments or where there's a change in tutor availability, location or scheduled time. Where possible, suitable alternative courses will be offered on the understanding that you have the option of accepting or cancelling your learning agreement without penalty.

Health and safety/safeguarding

We all have a responsibility for our own health and safety and those around us that might be affected by what we do; this includes all learners, carers, parents, staff and visitors. We ask learners to pay close attention to and comply with health and safety advice given to them by their tutor and other centre staff. Please inform a member of staff if you encounter anything on a SALS site that you consider to be a risk to health and safety.

In some classes you will have to wear protective clothing and footwear. Please check your course information sheet or speak to your tutor for details. Learners will only be allowed into the classrooms/workshops using hazardous materials or equipment when there is a tutor or technician present at all times.

All accidents and incidents must be reported to the centre office and an official form must be completed and signed.

Individual learning plans

As a funding requirement, all learners must complete an individual learning plan (ILP) in conjunction with your tutor.


If we cancel a course before the start date we will give you a full refund and if we close a course after it has started we will give you a part refund. We are unable to refund you if you withdraw from a course unless you are too ill to continue with your studies and have a doctor’s certificate. Refunds will be made to the card you paid with.

Support for learners with disabilities

Thomas Calton Centre is accessible for wheelchair users and parking is available for Blue badge holders. For more information, please contact us on 020 7358 2100.

Unique Learner Number (MIAP)

A Unique Learner Number (ULN) is a ten digit identifier which is applied to the personal learning record of all learners over the age of 14 involved in UK education or training. The number is provided by MIAP (Managing Information Across Partners). We are required by the Skills Funding Agency to attach a ULN to your learner record.

Privacy notice

As a local authority, Southwark Council uses your personal information for various reasons. This notice will be explained on our Corporate data privacy notice page.

Supply Chain fees and charges

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