Elmington regeneration

The Elmington estate is located in the heart of Camberwell, between Southampton Way and Camberwell Road, with Burgess Park to the north.

On 22 March 2011, the cabinet approved the start of the mid-Elmington regeneration programme. In making its decision, the cabinet considered recommendations put forward in the Mid Elmington March 2011 report and a deputation made by the joint chair of the Elmington resident steering group and other members of the Resident Steering Group (RSG).

You can read more about the Mid Elmington March 2011 decision here. 

All secure tenants have been relocated and the leasehold buy back programme continues in the blocks affected by the redevelopment.

You can view the blocks that are affected by the Elmington regeneration proposal (PDF, 2.3mb).

Page last updated: 08 March 2022


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