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Section 106

Discharge your contributions and obligations

Financial contributions

As stated in the S106 agreements, payments are triggered at various stages of development. When this happens it is the responsibility of the developer, the owner or their agent, to inform our S106 team. You can do this by using the contact us form. Once we're aware that you wish to make a payment, we will calculate the indexation to be added to the Principal sum and issue you with an invoice. Failure to do this could result in a ‘late payment’ fine.

Once all have been satisfied, you will be provided with a letter of confirmation this will be noted with the Land Registry and any charge on the land removed.

Non-financial obligations

In order to formally discharge your obligations, you are required to submit an application, together with supporting evidence. There is no charge for this application and you will be provided with formal confirmation once you are satisfied. You must email the application form to and send a notification to the S106 team using the contact us form.

Variation to an existing S106

Sometimes you might need to vary the terms of an existing S106 agreement. You can do this using the same application form as used for discharging an obligation, available to download above. It will also require the legal drafting of a Deed of Variation, with associated costs.

Page last updated: 11 March 2024


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