Addendum to the Section 106 Planning Obligations and CIL SPD

The Section 106 Planning Obligations and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) (PDF, 3.1mb) (November 2020) provides detailed guidance on the use of section 106 planning obligations alongside the CIL.

The council has recently adopted (24 January 2017) an addendum to this SPD. It explains how we'll use section 106 planning obligations and CIL in the Old Kent Road opportunity area and provides guidance on our approach to negotiating section 106 contributions for transport infrastructure for applicable developments within the southern part of the opportunity area.

As well as the adopted Section 106 Planning Obligations and CIL SPD, 2015, this document should be read alongside the emerging Old Kent Road Area Action Plan (AAP). The approach to section 106 for transport infrastructure set out in the addendum is an interim measure that will apply up to the adoption of our revised CIL charging schedule, anticipated for late 2017.

You can find our more information by viewing the addendum, the original SPD and the supporting documents on our SPD by planning topic.

Page last updated: 07 January 2022


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