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Planning FAQs

Local Plan and planning policies

What is the Local Plan and how does it affect my property?

The Local Plan is a development plan document that sets out the framework for development in Southwark for a set period of time. It contains the planning policies (rules) for what can or can’t be done in a certain area or to certain buildings. The plan also identifies key sites in the borough that are allocated for development. 

Where can I view the Local Plan for Southwark?

We adopted the Southwark Plan in February 2022. You can view this document, and other planning policy documents, on our Local Plan webpage.

How do I find out whether there's a site allocation adjoining or near my property?

Site allocations are shown in the Southwark Plan and on Southwark Maps (select the 'NSP site allocations' map layer). 

The land near my property has been allocated in the adopted Local Plan. When will this be built on?

There is no definitive answer as to when allocated land will be built on. However, information on the expected phasing (usually split between 0-5 years, 6-10 years and 11-15 years) is included in our Housing Land Supply

What are planning policies?

Planning policies are the ‘rules’ for development. Some policies are national, whilst others are local and set out in Local Plans, Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs), and Neighbourhood Plans. Planning policies for Southwark can be found in our Southwark Plan (2022). Planning officers assess all proposals against these policies to determine whether the development would be acceptable and should be granted planning permission.

How do I find out if my building is affected by a planning policy?

Some planning policies apply across the entire borough. Other policies are only relevant to certain areas or buildings. You can check whether your building is affected by a planning policy by searching the address on Southwark Maps. These are the most common policies which affect proposed developments. You should check these before applying for planning permission:

Page last updated: 18 July 2024


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