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Planning FAQs

Commenting on a planning application

How do I comment on a planning application?

The best way to comment is to use our Planning Register. Read more about how to comment on a planning application.

How are my comments taken into account?

Comments on planning applications are considered by the case officer. Generally, only comments that are made on planning grounds, known as material considerations, will affect the decision. The case officer will take all comments into account, but is not required to respond directly to all comments received.

How long do I have to comment?

The case officer will usually begin consultation soon after the application is made valid. Comments should be submitted to us within 28 days, or before the deadline date stated in the consultation letter. Comments received after this date may still be taken into account by the case officer, but should not create an unnecessary delay in determining the application. 

Why wasn’t I notified about an application near me?

You will not be automatically notified about planning applications unless you've requested to be notified, live in a neighbouring property, or are a statutory consultee.

I've commented on a planning application. Are my comments visible online?

All comments on planning applications are visible on our Planning Register unless there are exceptional reasons why they should not be shown.

Can I make private and confidential comments on planning applications?

We redact (censor) personal information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, from comments by default. However, it is best to not include any information you do not want to share publicly. If you want any details to be redacted (such as your name or property address) then you must make this clear when submitting your comment. 

Are all planning documents shown on the Planning Register?

No. Some documents are not published due to privacy laws. 

What does the abbreviated code (for example, PER, REF, WDN, PEOBL) mean in planning applications?

These are abbreviations of decision codes. You can see the full list of decision codes in our planning glossary.

Page last updated: 18 July 2024


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