Apply for planning permission

Refining your proposal

If you know that your proposal needs planning permission, then you can choose which type of application you need to submit.

What types of applications are there?

The type of application depends on what you want to do. You can look at our guide on planning application types to understand which application you need to submit.

For some developments, for example works to a Listed Building, you might need to apply for more than one application type.

Most applications are one of the three types below.

Householder applications

These applications include development to a house or within the surroundings of a house. 

This can include:

  • extensions
  • other external changes to your home for example to windows, doors, walls or fences
  • works in the garden for example a garden office, swimming pool, or decking
  • car access including footway crossovers and driveways

This does not include:

  • any external changes to flats or maisonettes
  • changing the number of homes, for example changing a house to flats or building a separate house in the garden
  • changing the use of the house a non-residential use
  • anything outside the garden of the property

Remember to check if your householder works would be Permitted Development before you make an application. If they would be Permitted Development, you can apply for a Lawful Development Certificate instead.

Minor applications

This includes:

  • works to build 1-9 new homes or convert a building to create 1-9 homes
  • some changes of use
  • external works to a flat or maisonette
  • works to a shop, office, or any other non-residential building
  • works where the property floorspace is less than 1,000sqm

Major applications

This includes:

  • work to build 10 or more new homes or convert a building to create 10 or more homes
  • works where the property floorspace is more than 1,000sqm

Page last updated: 21 November 2023


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