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Local List

Local List

The Local List was adopted in December 2023.  

The list includes over 1,200 buildings and structures which are important to local people in Southwark. This importance can come from a special architectural or historic interest or from an entry having value in the local townscape or as part of a group. 

The Local List will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains up to date. 

You can use our interactive Southwark maps to see a map of locally listed sites in Southwark. 

What does a Local List do? 

The Local List can offer protection for the buildings or structures which are important to your local area or community.  

The council would have to consider the local significance of an entry on the Local List if a planning application came forward proposing redevelopment of the site. Whilst the protection offered is not the same level as given by statutory listing, there will be a general presumption against demolition.  

Any harm caused to a local list entry by demolition or loss of a large proportion of a Locally Listed Building as part of a proposed development would have to be justified and outweighed by the benefits created as a result of the development. This is now underpinned by Policy P26 ‘Local List’ in the Southwark Plan 2022. 

Beyond the normal planning requirements, no additional development controls will be placed on your property if it is locally listed. Inclusion on the Local List will not affect any planning permissions you currently have on your property or your Permitted Development rights. 

There is no requirement for additional planning consent if a property is included on the local list. Listed Building Consent is only required if a property is on the statutory national list. 

Criteria for Local Listing

View the full criteria for local listing below:

Local List Consultation 

Over 1,000 entries were proposed for local listing by the Council during the first round of consultation between 11 August 2022 and 30 November 2022. This first round also called for public nominations of buildings or structures to be locally listed. The building owners of the sites proposed by the Council at this stage were written to and informed of the consultation.  

The building owners of properties nominated by the public in this first round of consultation were written to and invited to comment on the nomination from 25 July 2023 to 20 August 2023. 

Over 2,500 responses were received across the consultation periods, including over 350 public nominations. As a result of the nominations, over 200 entries have been added to the Local List. 

Full details of the consultation process and responses can be found here:

What happens next

Building owners can appeal the decision of the council to add their property to the Local List. However, there is no appeals process for nominations that were not accepted. 

Nominations which were not accepted at this stage are still eligible to be added in the future and the Local List will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains up to date. 

Further information regarding appeals and future nominations will be published in January 2024. 

Page last updated: 21 December 2023


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