Applications and charges

Full plans application

A full plans application is broken into a plan assessment stage and a site inspection stage.

Make an application

Plan assessment

  1. Complete the full plans application form and submit detailed plans or drawings before work commences.
  2. A plan checking officer will then check your plans or drawings to make sure that they comply with the building regulations.
  3. We may need to write to you to ensure compliance, before issuing an approval notice.

Site inspection

  1. A building control officer visits the building works site at regular intervals to make sure that the work in progress conforms with the building regulations.
  2. It is important to note that your building works must reflect the plans that have been approved by your plan checking officer in the plan assessment stage.
  3. After work has started and a first inspection has been undertaken you will be invoiced for the building control inspection charge.
  4. Once your plans and the final inspection prove that you have complied with the building regulations, Southwark building control will issue you with a completion certificate.

Page last updated: 15 August 2018