Arrange for a site inspection

To make sure your building works comply with building regulations, you must give us notice when your work reaches a particular stage, we’ll then carry out an inspection

If you contact us before 5pm we will do our best to visit your site the next working day.

Please note that you cannot request a site inspection unless you have already submitted a building control application

Request a site inspection

Submit a building control application

If you are submitting an application, please note that we aim to contact you within 2 working days to process your payment and arrange for an inspection.

Please note you're legally required under the building regulations to tell us when you'll start your building works. We'll inform you of other stages of your project when we'll need to inspect, up to and including the completed works.

Stages when you need a site inspection

Depending on the project type, typical stages when we may say that you need to tell us, are listed below. Not all stages will be relevant to some works.  

  • commencement of works
  • foundations.
  • damp proof course laid
  • oversite ready for concreting (with damp proof membrane laid if appropriate)
  • drains laid and visible for checking layout and construction
  • drains backfilled and ready for testing for water tightness
  • structural timbers
  • first fix/insulation
  • occupation, normally only relevant when part of a building is finished, for example a flat
  • completion of works

Some jobs need extra inspections like reinforcement of concrete structures, or fire protection.

We may carry out more than one inspection on a visit and call at other times to check on the work in progress.

Inspection fees

We’ll send you an invoice for the inspection fee after the first site visit.  This fee covers all further inspections.

To pay building regulation fees (pdf, 96kb) and inspection invoices please call 020 7525 5397 or 020 7525 5582.

Completion inspection

The completion inspection must be carried out before your builder has finished and left the site.

You’ll be responsible for the completion of any corrections to the work.

We’ll give you a completion certificate if all relevant site inspections have been carried out and the works comply with building regulations or approved plans.

Page last updated: 23 January 2017