Using PCs and Wi-Fi in libraries

Free Wi-Fi

We offer free Wi-Fi in all of our libraries. When you connect to our library Wi-Fi network for the first time, you'll be asked to enter your library card number and email address.

You're not required to log-in at Nunhead Library (this service is provided by BT and Barclays, as part of the Wi-Fi in our Community scheme).

Book a library PC

If you're a library member, you can book a computer online up to a week in advance. All you need is your library membership number. Most PCs can be booked for an hour at a time. Those listed at 'Quick Access' can be booked for 30 minutes.

Book a PC 

You can also book a computer in person by visiting one of our libraries

Not a library member

If you’re not a library member you can still book a PC by visiting one of our libraries. You will need to complete a joining form and you will receive a library card which will give you access to use a PC for one month.

For full membership and continued access to use a PC you will need to show one form of identity (ID) with your full name and current address.

Library computer usage

All of our computers are free to use and can be booked for up to one hour each day.

You can:

  • use the internet
  • print items for a small charge
  • use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher
  • access a range of online resources
  • access Dolphin Supernova (allows screen magnification and audio assistance for the visually impaired)

Internet Matters provide advice on safe use of the internet for children of all ages.

Page last updated: 17 June 2022

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