Cycle parking and security

Bicycle hangars

Southwark Council is installing ‘Bicycle hangars’ (secure bicycle parking units) in all areas around Southwark. The unit provides secure undercover on-street parking for 6 bicycles, in about half the space a car would occupy. Bike hangars are designed to provide a secure on-street cycle parking solution and can only be accessed by a member using a key. They encourage cycling by providing a safe parking place to individuals who would otherwise be put off owning and using a bike in Southwark.

Bicycle hangar
Bicycle hangar installation

Existing bike hangars in Southwark

If you'd like to enquire about renting a space in an existing bike hangar, contact Cyclehoop for more information.

You can also search for an existing location that Cyclehoop has delivered.

New bike hangar application

If all spaces are allocated or there are no hangars currently in your area, you may apply to have your location added to the register of potential future bike hangar locations. For new bike hangar locations please you can log a request by putting a pin on our mapping system.

Once submitted, this will go onto our register for assessment and prioritising. To support your local installation, you can gather support when people “like” the location on the map.

All of the requests previously received have been moved across to the new system, so if you've already made a request you should be able to find it and like it.

As you can imagine, there is a high demand for bike hangars in Southwark. As a result, we will be prioritising locations based on a number of factors including length of waiting lists, availability of public transport and the number of people who have requested a new hangar in the area. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an accurate timescale of when your request will be considered, but we will update you when the hangar location you have requested is being looked at.

You can also apply for bike hangars through our Cleaner Greener Safer (CGS) and Devolved Highway Budget (DHB) schemes and hangars approved through this process will not be subject to the usual prioritisation. Find more information on these funding programmes.

Page last updated: 19 September 2023


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