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Cleaner Greener Safer capital grants

Cleaner Greener Safer funding has been available in the form of grants since 2012. Councillors wanted to give organisations and community groups the chance to manage their own projects and take an active role in transforming their local areas.

Ranging from £100 for small gardening projects to £50,000 contributions to large construction projects, the programme is as varied as the ideas you propose.

CGS grant funding has been used for:

  • estate greening, community gardens, landscaping, food growing and wildlife areas
  • community facilities improvements, youth facilities, recycling and artwork
  • transforming unused areas, security measures and tackling ‘grot spots’
  • school improvements, including planting and signage for clean air zones, sports and play equipment and outdoor classrooms

CGS funding is restricted. It can only be spent on capital improvements, which means permanent, physical changes. It also means that it must be spent on the original proposal, or on the elements selected for funding by your local councillors.

If you're interested in knowing more about revenue funding, visit the Neighbourhoods Fund website.

Page last updated: 12 August 2022

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