North Peckham Streetspace Scheme

Update to the scheme

In October 2023 we held a consultation for residents to have their say on what they’d like to see included in the permanent measures to be introduced at the traffic filters in the North Peckham Streetspace area. We also consulted on proposed traffic calming on Goldsmiths Road, Naylor Road and Friary Road.

You can read the full decision making documents here on our website. The recommendations to install the highways improvement measures were approved. Naylor Road received mixed support so it was recommended that the traffic calming changes did not go ahead; the speed humps are not removed and replaced with raised tables. However, it was recommended that the safety improvements at the junctions at either end be approved (wider footways, safer crossings, decluttering and tactile paving).

Therefore works will take place in March/April 2024 to refurbish the traffic filters to replace the temporary wooden planters with kerbed buildouts and where possible low level planting and trees. Street furniture such as cycle stands, hangars, benches and bollards will be installed on the buildouts where appropriate and in accordance with the consultation feedback received. The raised table at Fenham Road junction with Friary Road will be constructed in June 2024. The improvements on Goldsmiths Road will be implemented at a later date to be coordinated with cycle improvements at this location.

We will notify affected residents with exact dates by letter nearer the time to warn them of the works.

Project background

We partnered with Impact on Urban Health (IoUH), part of Guy’s and St Thomas Foundation to deliver North Peckham Streetspace Scheme. This project consists of traffic filters on certain streets to encourage people to walk and cycle where possible and enable people to travel more short journeys on foot or by cycle. The traffic filters use physical measures such as planters, bollards or enforcement cameras to prevent motor vehicle access.

The measures were introduced as experimental traffic orders in 2020 with the aim of re-purposing the street space to create a healthier, more active and greener environment for all.

The measures on North Peckham included:

  • two traffic filters installed on Fenham Road, the junction between Marmont Road and Peckham High Street
  • traffic filter with an enforcement camera at the junction of Goldsmith Road and Meeting House Lane.
  • crossing improvements at the junction with Friary Road

By changing the way we use and design our streets, we want to:

  • make walking and cycling an enjoyable, safe and easy way to get around
  • encourage people to shop locally to support businesses and reduce car use
  • reduce inequalities in health and wellbeing
  • improve road safety
  • reduce the amount of cut-through traffic
  • improve air quality and reduce pollution and noise levels
Map of Peckham Trial Street Changes relocated benches
North Peckham Trial Street Changes

North Peckham Streetspace review

A review was carried out on the North Peckham Streetspace scheme in Summer 2021 to understand the scheme’s impact.

A public consultation was carried out from 31 July 2021 to 22 September, which gathered feedback from local people on what impact the measures have had on them and their preferred future for the measures.

We received 201 responses during the consultation period, which is an 11% response rate. 77% of responses were from local residents. 49% of all respondents would like to retain the measure, or retain the measure but increase the streetspace area with other features. This was higher than those who opposed it (return to the original state) or preferred to install a different type of measure.

We also carried out an Equality Impact Assessment and bespoke engagement activities with certain demographics.

Monitoring was undertaken in three waves throughout the experimental period. It included traffic volumes, cyclist volumes and pedestrian activity.

The outcome of the review and statutory consultation closed on 7 January 2022 and informed the final decision on the measures on Tuesday 8 March 2022, which is to make the majority of the measures permanent and implementable.

Read the full decision making documents on our website. You can also read details of the subsequent statutory consultation here.

Permanent Orders were published in March 2022, and additional monitoring took place in April 2022.

Page last updated: 12 April 2024


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