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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how many people live, work and use Southwark’s streets. We want to make sure your local streets provide space for people to safely walk, cycle and spend time. We also want to protect residents from rising car traffic, as this can worsen air pollution and noise, and make streets less safe and more difficult to cross.

We asked Southwark residents and businesses to tell us where we should change streets to make it easier to walk and cycle to local services like schools, parks and local shops. The feedback we received identified your neighbourhood as a priority, because there are high levels of people driving through to avoid the main roads, making the streets dangerous and polluted for children walking and cycling to school in particular.

We've used this feedback to design temporary changes to some of the streets in your neighbourhood. These temporary changes will be in place for several months so that we can monitor the impacts and understand their positive and negative effects. We'll be measuring where people walk, cycle, drive and spend time on the street.

In collaboration with central government and Transport for London, we're taking urgent steps across the borough to ensure the health and safety of our residents. The changes in your neighbourhood are being delivered in partnership with Impact on Urban Health, a local charitable foundation. We remain committed to working with you to ensure that all the measures work for local people and contribute to enhanced quality of life both at this difficult time and in the future.


Project name: Brunswick park streetspace

Project name: North Peckham streetspace

  • find out more about the consultation
  • attend a Zoom meeting about the changes on Saturday 14 August 2021, 3pm to 4pm - sign up here

Event date:

  • Brunswick Primary School
  • Saturday 21 August 2021, 3pm to 5pm
  • Picton St, London SE5 7QH

Extra information/data/report

  • we're finalising the project and evaluation report and data analysis data
  • the result for the 3 projects area will be available at the end of summer
  • the site will also include the 3 areas study

Page last updated: 19 July 2021

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