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UTC and studio school admissions

If your child was born between 1 September 2006 and 31 August 2007 and is currently in year 9, they're eligible to apply for a place at a University Technical College(UTC) or a studio school to start at the beginning of Year 10 in September 2021.

UTCs and studio schools admit pupils at the beginning of Year 10 and provide technically oriented courses of study or work skill based learning for 14 to 19 year olds. You can find more information about UTCs and studio schools by viewing Southwark's letter on UTCs for Year 10 pupils (pdf, 112kb).

Although there are currently no UTCs or studio schools in Southwark, you can still apply for a place for your child at a UTC or studio school outside of Southwark. There are currently no UTC schools in Southwark. However, you can find a range of UTC schools near to your home which admit pupils into Year 10, together with their contact details here

How to apply

You must only apply if your child is currently in year 9 and you'd like she/he to transfer from a secondary school to a UTC or studio school to start at the beginning of Year 10 in September 2021. Any other schools named on the online application won't be considered.

If you're a Southwark resident, you must apply online for a UTC/studio school place. You can find further information on completing an online school admissions application here:

If you do not live in Southwark, you must complete the admission application for the borough in which you live.

When applying for a UTC/studio school place, you can express a preference for up to six UTCs/studio schools.

If you're going to apply to a UTC/studio school under their medical/social criterion, it’s important that you visit the UTC/studio school first before naming it as a preference on your application. This is to ensure that the UTC/studio school is suitable to meet your child’s needs. However, due to the recent circumstances relating to COVID-19, contact the UTC/studio school directly for further information on when they'll be holding their open day/evening.

Some UTC/studio schools need to collect information that is not included on the admission application. They request this information using a supplementary information form (SIF). The UTC/studio school will use the information you provide by comparing it against their published admissions criteria. You must complete a SIF if the UTC/studio school you have listed as one of your preferences requires this. The SIF will be available from the UTC/studio school and must be completed, signed and returned directly to the UTC/studio school. Please check the individual deadline date for returning the SIF with each UTC/studio school.

Where a SIF is required alongside an admission application, your application may be invalid or your chances of a place reduced unless both have been completed, signed and received at the correct addresses by the closing dates for each.

You must ensure that the online application is fully completed and that all details are entered correctly. Failure to tick certain boxes such as the sibling box or the social/medical box will mean that your application will not be considered under these criteria.

If you're providing additional documents to support your application you must upload this as an attachment with your online application before 11.59pm on 31 October 2020. Please do not post or email supporting documentation as we will not be able to accept these.

If you've ticked the ‘social/medical’ box, you must upload additional supporting documents as an attachment with your online application, this includes a recent medical or social report and/or a letter from a professional.

If you've ticked the ‘looked after child’ box, you must upload the following supporting documents as attachments with your online application:

1. A letter on headed paper from the local authority in England where the child is currently/previously ‘looked after’. The letter must confirm that at the time of making the admissions application, the child is either currently ‘looked after’ or was previously 'looked after’ (but ceased to be so because they were adopted, subject to a child arrangements order or a special guardianship order immediately following having been looked after); and

2. If the child was previously 'looked after', a relevant court order under English law such as an adoption order, a child arrangements order or a special guardianship order.

Please note, 'looked after' or previously 'looked after' children will only be given highest priority if they are currently or were previously in the care of a local authority in England.

Submitting your online application

When you've completed your online application, you must submit it by the closing date of 31 October 2020 by 11.59pm. The online application will not be deemed as on time unless it's submitted by this time and date.

To submit your online application, you must click on the ‘submit application’ button. Once you've submitted your online application, you should receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted successfully alongside a unique application reference number. 

If you do not receive this email and an application reference number, it means your application was not submitted successfully and you must log in and click on the ‘submit application’ button again.

Moving house

If your child’s home address has changed after you have submitted your application, you must download, complete and return a change of address form (pdf, 70kb) to Southwark Council’s school admissions team immediately. Please do not return your form by post as we no longer accept documents by post.

Once the school admissions team receives your form, it will be forwarded to the school/s you have named on your child’s application. This is so that the school/s can process the application again in order to apply their oversubscription criteria based on your new address.

Page last updated: 28 August 2020

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