UTC and studio school admissions

If your child was born between 1 September 2003 and 31 August 2004 and is currently in year 9, they're eligible to apply for a place at a University Technical College (UTC) or a studio school to start at the beginning of Year 10 in September 2018.

UTCs and studio schools admit pupils at the beginning of Year 10 and provide technically oriented courses of study or work skill based learning for 14 to 19 year olds. You can find more information about UTCs and studio schools by viewing Southwark's letter on UTCs for Year 10 pupils (pdf, 73kb).

Although there are currently no UTCs or studio schools in Southwark, you can still apply for a place for your child at a UTC or studio school outside of Southwark. You can view a list of UTCs and studio schools in the London area (pdf, 64kb) which admit pupils into Year 10.

How to apply

Please note, the deadline (31 October 2017) for submitting an on time UTC/studio school application has now passed, and you will not be able to apply online for your child’s UTC/studio school place as the online system is no longer available. If you've missed the deadline and have not yet applied for your child’s UTC/studio school place, you must download and complete a paper UTC/studio application form (pdf, 53kb) . Alternatively, you can request for a paper UTC/studio school application form to be posted to you by the school admissions team
Your completed paper application form must be submitted by post to: School Admissions Team, Fourth floor Hub 2, Children's and Adults Services, Southwark Council, PO Box 64529, London, SE1P 5LX. Late applications received after 31 October 2017 will not be considered for a place until after the initial offer of places on 1 March 2018.

You must only apply if your child is currently in year 9 and you'd like she/he to transfer from a secondary school to a UTC or studio school to start at the beginning of Year 10 in September 2018. Any other schools named on the online application won't be considered.

If you live in another borough, you must complete the admission application for the borough in which you live.

When applying for a UTC/studio school place you can express a preference for up to six UTC/ studio schools.

You must ensure that the online application is fully completed and that all details are entered correctly. Failure to tick certain boxes such as the sibling box or the social/medical box will mean that these criteria may not be identified when your application is being processed.

If you're providing additional information to support your application (eg a medical letter), make sure you upload this as an attachment with your online application or submit this by post to the school admissions team before the closing date of 31 October 2017.

You must complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) if the UTC/studio school you've listed as one of your preferences requires it. You must pick up the SIF from the UTC/studio school, complete it and then return it to the UTC/studio school.

Where both the online application and the SIF are required, admission applications may be invalid or chances of a place reduced unless both the online application and the SIF have been completed, signed and received at the correct addresses by the closing dates. Please check the individual deadline date for returning the SIF with each UTC/studio school.

Moving house

If your child’s home address has changed after you've submitted your application and before an offer of a UTC/studio school place has been made, you must download, complete and return a change of address form (pdf, 71kb)to Southwark Council’s school admissions team immediately. You can also request the form to be posted to you by contacting the school admissions team by telephone on 020 7525 5337.

Once the school admissions team receives your form, it will be forwarded to the UTC/studio school/s you have named on your child’s application. This is so that the UTC/studio school/s can process the application again in order to apply their oversubscription criteria based on your new address.

Page last updated: 03 November 2017