Demolition notices

The council will serve a demolition notice to affected tenants and leaseholders when we plan to demolish their homes and explain why this is necessary.

The sole purpose of demolition notices is to either suspend or end a qualifying tenant's Right to Buy (RTB)  claim, this will not affect homeowners who’ve already bought their homes.

Demolition notices are issued in two stages:

Initial Demolition Notices (IDNs)

Are usually issued when the local authority intends to demolish the property but has not yet planned when it will take place. A Final Demolition Notice may be issued before the demolition can take place. This will suspend the council’s obligation to complete the Right to Buy claim, which may be valid for up to seven years.

Final Demolition Notices (FDNs)

Will replace the Initial Demolition Notice and are usually issued when a date is set for the demolition to take place. Final Demolition Notices will end any existing Right to Buy claims and enable us to refuse new applications. The notice will be valid for up to 24 months.

Each demolition notice should:

  • clearly identify the properties affected by it
  • explain the reasons why those properties have been earmarked for demolition
  • give a broad indication of when the properties will be demolished
  • the date when the notice or notices will cease to be in force
  • that compensation is payable for certain reasonable expenditure incurred in respect of existing Right to Buy claims
Both notices can be extended at the discretion of the Secretary of State.  If we decide not to demolish properties affected by a notice, a Revocation Notice will be served.

Page last updated: 03 November 2021

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