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St Thomas Street Social Regeneration Charter

Over the last two decades, Southwark has seen a variety of regeneration programmes delivered which has enabled us to rise from the 12th most deprived Borough in the UK (out of 326) to the 41st. We want to continue this improvement, and to continue to explore the best possible ways of improving the life chances for our residents.

What is a social regeneration charter

A social regeneration charter is a tool for creating a common vision and programme to improve the well-being of residents in and around an area. In the Autumn of 2017 the council carried out our largest ever community engagement exercise, the Southwark Conversation (see feedback report and further analysis) to explore local perceptions and experiences of the regeneration that has taken place in the Borough over the last decades. We had almost 3,000 responses which has guided the creation of the Regeneration That Works for All Framework and the Social Regeneration Indicators which was approved by Cabinet in January 2019 and paves the way for a series of social regeneration charters for areas with concentrations of development activity. The first charter has been created for Canada Water in December 2018 after a detailed research exercise with the local community.

Why St Thomas Street

London Bridge has experienced waves of organic change over the last few decades, with a number of projects having been completed including Hay’s Galleria, More London, The Shard, London Bridge Station, Guys Cancer Centre, One Tower Bridge, The Dixon, and Science Gallery London. Following the completion of the London Bridge station, a number of new developments are now proposed along St Thomas Street, to maximise the opportunity presented by the increase in public transport capacity (which has grown from 55 to 90 million passengers a year).

Research to inform the charter

The council is keen to prepare a social regeneration charter for St Thomas Street, in order to maximise the regeneration benefits available from new developments for local people. As a first step in the process of preparing a charter, a social research exercise (pdf, 48.5mb) has been carried out to develop a set of baseline indicators for the area.

Next steps

In order to help develop the charter for St Thomas Street, a workshop has been organised as part of the London Bridge & West Bermondsey ward panel meeting, on Wednesday 25 September 2019, 6.30pm at 160 Tooley Street. The workshop will present the research findings, and will discuss a variety of themes and potential initiatives that could be developed to help maximise regeneration benefits for local people. Please download the list of potential themes and projects (pdf, 36kb) which could be included in the charter, and let us know if you have any ideas for projects which could be delivered to enhance the well being of residents living and working at London Bridge.

Following the workshop, the structure of a draft charter will be created based on the themes identified during the community research. Detailed consultation will be carried out to obtain as many project ideas which could benefit the local community as possible. A final version of the charter will be presented to the council’s cabinet for approval in early 2020.

If you any questions about the charter please contact:

Dan Taylor
Programme manager
020 75255450

Page last updated: 19 November 2019