How to appeal a planning decision

How to view or comment on an appeal

Where can I view planning applications that have gone to appeal?

You can find details of all current planning appeals and all appeals decided since 1 January 2004 by using our planning register.

To do this, you should:

  1. Select the 'Appeals' search option
  2. Enter the relevant planning reference, address, or post code
  3. Select 'Search' 

Access the Planning Register 

You can email our Planning Support Service team if you need a certified copy of an appeal decision letter held on our statutory register of decisions. There is a £10 charge for providing copies. 

How do I comment on a planning application that has gone to appeal?

If you've submitted comments to us about a planning application that has gone to appeal, then they will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate. You do not need to send these comments again. The inspector who is appointed to decide the appeal will take the comments into account. 

To submit a new or updated comment, or to withdraw a comment, you should write to the Planning Inspectorate. You must do this within six weeks from the appeal start date. Comments received after the start date will not be considered. 

If you want to receive a copy of the appeal decision, you should make your request in writing to the Planning Inspectorate.

How do I contact the Planning Inspectorate?

To write to the Planning Inspectorate, send three copies of your comments, quoting the Planning Inspectorate appeal reference number shown in our planning register to:

The Planning Inspectorate
Kite Wing
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay
BS2 9DL 

Tel: 0117 3728000

Page last updated: 21 November 2023


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