Archaeology and scheduled monuments

Southwark has an immensely rich, varied and important archaeological heritage dating from 10,000 years ago to the settlement and industrial remains of the 20th century.  

We champion Southwark's archaeology and have dedicated planning policies and an expert archaeology officer to ensure it's identified, protected and managed for future generations.

Who to contact

Our senior planner archaeologist, Gillian King, can be contacted on all matters related to archaeology within the borough. He can advise where to find further information relating to the historic environment.

You can contact Gillian King at or on 020 7525 3969.

Archaeology and my property

Southwark's archaeology is well documented and mapped, with the key areas clearly defined as Archaeological Priority Zones (APZs). You can find out more about APZs and check whether your property is in an APZ here.

In Southwark, we also have eight nationally significant sites that are protected by law as Scheduled Ancient Monuments’(SAMs). You can find out more about SAMs and to check whether your property is in a SAM here.

The Tower of London is an UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) of ‘outstanding universal value’, and a large section of the riverside area of the borough is within the ‘local setting’ zone of the WHS. You can find out more about WHSs and their setting zones here.

Archaeology of Southwark

For a brief introduction to the history and archaeology of Southwark, see archaeology in Southwark.

Professional archaeological help

In many cases, you'll need to employ professional archaeological assistance for your development due to the significance of Southwark’s archaeology. You can find more information and how to appoint an archaeologist here.

Page last updated: 06 February 2018