Archaeology and scheduled monuments

Scheduled Ancient Monuments (SAMs) in Southwark

A scheduled ancient monument is a legally protected archaeological site that's considered to be of national importance. Not all scheduled sites are ancient, but scheduling is restricted to the most important examples of each type of monument requiring protection. Scheduling will add the site to the ‘Schedule’ (the list of legally-protected monuments) maintained by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, under powers contained in the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 (as amended).

Southwark has eight Scheduled Ancient Monuments:

  • The Globe Theatre
  • The Rose Theatre, Rose Court, Southwark
  • The Hope Theatre and remains of three bear-baiting arenas
  • Abbey buildings, Bermondsey
  • Roman boat at New Guy's House, Bermondsey
  • moated manor house of Edward III, Rotherhithe
  • remains of Winchester Palace, Clink Street and waterfront
  • pumping engine house for Brunel's Thames Tunnel

You can find locations and the areas they cover on the Southwark Maps.

Scheduled monuments are protected by law, and any development that affects a scheduled monument requires formal written Scheduled Monument Consent (SMC) from the Secretary of State, as advised by Historic England. This must be obtained before any archaeological or other work can begin on the site, as carrying out unconsented works on a scheduled monument is a criminal offence.

You can contact our Archaeological Officer for further advice on scheduled ancient monuments.

More information on scheduled monuments and their scheduling can be found on the Historic England website.

Page last updated: 11 January 2022

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